Glasgow Parking

Streetwise, working in partnership with framework supplier Aecom, was appointed by Glasgow City Council to provide data collection for a major parking survey of the city centre and surrounding controlled parking zones.

The study was broken into on-street and off-street data collection, and to maximise efficiency Streetwise designed a study programme using a variety of methods, including on and off-street duration walked beats, on- street occupancy only walked beats, and car park entry / exit surveying by ANPR. All beat surveys utilised a GIS platform with bespoke, in-house software, onto client supplied background mapping, whilst car park surveys generally utilised high quality digital image capture and automatic number plate recognition to derive parking durations at the city’s principal car parks. In total, over 185 km of kerbside were covered over a survey period of 5 weeks.

Data was provided over a rolling programme for each of the 9 areas, with data provided initially in Excel, and subsequently in GIS format . To ensure maximum value to the end users at GCC, Streetwise arranged two seminars, hosted at the council’s IT training suite, to provide training to council officers and managers. These sessions allowed the transport officers and GIS team within the council to understand how to perform a number of spatial queries to interrogate the data.