Fleet improvements

Great news coming out of our fieldwork operations team. Since 2019 we’ve been monitoring our fleet and driver performance and we’re over the moon with what we’ve found.

Using our fleet tracking software, we score our operatives on various criteria including idling time, harsh braking, acceleration, and manoeuvres. Over an 18-month period to March 2021 we’ve recorded a 75% reduction in these measures (per km driven to rule out COVID impact!) across the team. Combined with achieving more than 5% of our fieldwork mileage by electric power in 2020, and partnering with a carbon offsetting facility through our fuel card provider we are doing more than ever to curtail the damage created by our necessary activities. We’re now on the cusp of realistic options for commercial EVs suited to our needs – we’re looking forward to trialling options later in 2021 – watch this space.


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