Level Crossing Surveys

Aecom, in their role as supplier to Network Rail, awarded a commission to monitor level crossings throughout Lincolnshire.

These surveys form part of a much wider study conducted as a rolling programme by Network Rail to investigate safety issues at level crossings. Streetwise conducts approximately 60 of these surveys annually on behalf of a number of clients.

In accordance with the standard procedure for this type of study, 9 days data collection was conducted, with surveys consisting of temporary CCTV systems viewing both approaches to the crossing and temporary, tube- based automatic traffic counters on the approach to record vehicle speeds. Streetwise was able to add value to this study by utilising equipment with unparalleled battery life and system storage, enabling footage to be recorded uninterrupted over the 9-day period required, without the need for intervening site visits.

In this instance processed ATC data and footage only was provided to the client who elected to undertake the post-fieldwork processing in-house.