Latis A9 Survey

Streetwise, as framework participant, was appointed under the Commission for the Collection and Collation of Transport and Land Use Data to undertake a series of junction turning counts along the length of the A9 between Perth and Inverness.

The study will feed into the Land Use and Transport Integration in Scotland Model, and this data will be used to assist in the planning for the 80 mile, £3bn A9 dual carriageway upgrade, described as one of the biggest infrastructure projects in Scotland’s history, which is set to get underway in 2017.

The surveys consisted of 51 junction turning counts and associated pedestrian and cyclist monitoring, undertaken over 2 survey days. Whilst several of the junctions were major interchanges requiring filming over multiple cameras, the majority of the network is remote and rural, pushing the flexibility of the mast-mounted CCTV systems to the limit with sign posts, fences, railings, and

trees all having to be utilised to achieve suitable screen views for subsequent manual counts.

Data was provided to challenging client timescales with over 1800 hours of processing returned within 12 working days.