Asset Inventory Survey

Streetwise has recently completed the first phase a Gully Asset Inventory Survey on behalf of Aberdeenshire Council. The data is required to assist Aberdeenshire Council with future planned maintenance programmes allowing them to prioritise their teams to the areas of interest.

The survey involved the positional logging of roadside gullies, along with some basic attribute information, via detailed walk surveys (urban) and video GPS technology (rural). Linking each individual item captured to a Unique Street Reference Number (USRN) and identifying the gully access/cover type.

The gullies were captured using an in-house customised GIS platform paired with the most up-to- date GPS equipment, which helped to enhance the

positional accuracy of the capture. In total, over 6400 km of road network was surveyed over a survey period of 4 months capturing over 44,000 gullies throughout both urban and rural environments. There were several challenges throughout the project with the Scottish winter being the most challenging, requiring flexibility of resource deployment and cohesive project management. Data was supplied in both a GIS and tabular format for inclusion in the Council’s asset management system.