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Public Transport and Market Research

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With the increased politicisation of transport, gathering views and perceptions on transport has become an integral part of the planning and assessment framework. We have responded to this movement and enhanced our ability to deliver this requirement.

We frequently undertake face to face interviews with the travelling public, either at terminal or in transit, and have conducted recent studies with bus, rail, and ferry users. Utilising touch screen tablet PCs, we can ensure quality data for even the most complex ‘streamed’ questionnaires, where pencil and paper would offer a confusing alternative to survey staff. This also enables at source data range and validation checks which minimises the loss of data to illogical responses. However, possibly the most important benefit to our clients is the ever-present issue of turnaround time, which can be reduced virtually to zero with immediate download and return of survey data.

In response to demand, we have also developed a modest in-house CATI (computer aided telephone interviewing) capability to undertake surveys with general public or targeted sectors. Again, we use bespoke input screens to ensure logical streaming of questionnaire for interview staff. Responses are monitored on a frequent basis to ensure full sample, and any sub-stratification, is being achieved.

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