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Robust, cost-effective, and user-friendly traffic flow data
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Traffic Counts

Streetwise Traffic Counts
At Streetwise we have worked hard to ensure that the traffic flow data that we collect is the most robust, cost-effective, and user-friendly available.

For optimum resource deployment and to ensure verifiability of data collection, most junction count and link flow surveys are undertaken using video cameras to record traffic flows enabling subsequent review in a quality controlled environment. This also enables us to provide clients with images for audit purposes or to serve as a permanent record to assist in understanding of junction operation and driver behaviour.

To enhance the utility of the data that we supply, our spreadsheet output supports a dynamic diagram function to allow quick and easy interpretation of peak hours or user defined time periods/ classes.

We have also invested heavily in geographical information systems and we now apply these methods to collect and display queue length data. This visual representation can be a powerful aid to ensuring buy in from the public and non-professionals.

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