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Journey Time Surveys
Calibrates micro-simulation models such as Paramics
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Journey Time Surveys

Streetwise Traffic Counts
Journey time information has long been used as an input to traffic models, and is now increasingly used as a tool to calibrate
micro-simulation models such as Paramics.

Generally this information is provided using in-car data collection under the floating vehicle method. Collection of timing points by GPS system is generally preferred for ease of subsequent data transcription, though we can support this with in-vehicle video record where required for display of route usage.

As a minimum we will provide information in Excel format to client specifications, but by linking GPS and GIS technologies, a host of alternative graphical outputs are possible. Average speed per link can be colour coded, or area wide networks can be displayed to demonstrate accessibility as demonstrated here.

Alternatively, dependent on the number of runs, timing points, and length of journey, it can be more productive to collect journey time information by registration matching at timing points. We are always happy to offer advice on the most cost-effective method to achieve clients’ requirements.

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