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Origin- destination studies

Understanding traffic movements across a wide area
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Origin- destination studies

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O-D information is the starting point for understanding traffic movements across a wide area. This can be collected in one of two ways; by roadside interview or by registration recording.

Streetwise has an enviable reputation for design and delivery of RSI surveys. During planning for a RSI programme, senior staff will work in partnership with the client to identify suitable site locations. Design of TM for sites and liaison with police and roads authorities is normally undertaken by SWS.

On site, surveys are delivered by experienced interviewers utilising electronic data capture in the form of handheld tablet PCs. Survey forms are transcribed onto a bespoke input screen, with validated address and postcode database sitting behind, allowing for in-built range, logic, and validation checks on site, thus removing handwriting and transcription errors. Post survey, the data is further sense checked for items such as origin and destination by importing these points on a map base and comparing to the interview location. Illogical trips are normally isolated and presented separately within the data set.

Alternatively origin-destination information can be captured using registration recording and matching. This can be done by either manual (eg surveyors using digital Dictaphones) or automatic (ANPR) means.

We have extensive experience of both methods, and can provide a detailed insight to the merits and risks of each option to clients and advise on options to achieve best value for any given O-D requirement.

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