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Automatic Traffic Counts

Supports transport planning and design considerations
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Automatic Traffic Counts

Streetwise Traffic Counts
Automatic traffic count data is used for a variety of purposes to support transport planning and design considerations. It is a highly cost effective method of collecting large volumes of a week or more of classified and/ or speed data. Streetwise has always been at the forefront of the market for collecting and presenting this data.

Typically, for temporary surveys, we would collect data using an air pulse recording device connected to pneumatic tubes. For straightforward flow purposes this could be a simple volumetric device, or where classification and speeds is required a more sophisticated counter. By deploying the most advanced tube based Metrocount units we can report a vehicle by vehicle basis for not only class and speed but also for gap and headway.

In addition to temporary applications, we collect data from permanent (typically inductive loop), counts sites and can arrange for installation and commissioning of these for local and roads authorities. These are also widely used by landowners to record flows to retail and leisure outlets or other developments.

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