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Web-based data hosting and

Either as a standalone single user system or a corporate concurrent system
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Web-based data hosting and geo-referencing

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As a specialist GIS consultancy, we can assist our clients in development and implementation of GIS (Geographical Information System); either as a standalone single user system or a corporate concurrent system.

A straightforward example of GIS solution that we can provide to our clients to give a ‘quick fix’ is geo-referencing of existing paper based records. This process involves the electronic scanning of paper records and geographical positioning of plans or drawings. This provides an electronic backup of paper records, allowing for much more flexible future use, and can be enhanced by providing a Georeferenced layer file of the records scanned.

We also offer a sophisticated map-based, web-accessed data hosting service. This GIS tool allows clients to access their data via any internet connection and offers the flexibility to allow for any number of users to easily find and download data. We have found that for the modest cost of this user-friendly hosting service, clients are seeing the savings by minimising the duplication of data collection across different departments

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